About Us.

Our restaurant is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful Yemenis Cuisine.

With a team of cooks born in Yemen, Sheeba looks to provide authentic Yemeni food all across the chicago area. Yemeni cuisine is distinct from the wider Middle Eastern cuisines but with a degree of regional variation. Some foreign influences are evident in regions of the country with Ottoman influences showing in the north and Mughlai Indian influence is evident in the southern areas around Ade, the Yemeni kitchen is based on similar foundations across the country with a hint of uniqueness to the preparation and flavor. Meats such as Lamb, chicken, and goat are a staple to the cultural cuisine in Yemen which is why at Sheeba we look to provide a wide variety of meat related food options.

Something that sets Sheeba apart from many other Yemeni restaurant is the no compromise, no shortcut policy in the authenticity and originality of the cultural aspect of the dishes. At Sheeba we understand the importance of quality and look to maintain it to the highest of standards. Our Chef’s look to provide our customers with a taste that will remind them of authentic, original Yemeni food.


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3456 W Foster Ave, Chicago,IL 60625